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Usability Investigation Techniques Applied to Technical Communication

Learn how to interact efficiently with your audience to discover what your technical communication is missing - and how to fix it.
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    4 hours

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    About this course

    Who is this course for?

    This course is intended for technical communicators of all levels of experience who want to improve
    their content through direct contact with their audience.

    This applies to any field of application as well as any type of audience.

    What will you learn?

    At the end of this course:

    • You will have a more precise view of the role of usability in technical communication.
    • You will know what can a usability investigation technique bring you that classical technical communication methodology could not.
    • You will know which usability investigation technique you should perform depending on your specific situation.
    • You will be able to perform audience interviews and observations: how to prepare them, how to carry them out and how to analyze your results with the objective of improving all aspects of your technical communication (content and delivery).
    • You will have enough high-level knowledge of testing methodologies (experimental methodology) to know whether or not you could benefit from it.
      A detailed description of such a methodology would be the subject of a separate course.

    How will you learn?

    A series of videos will walk you step by step through every concept and technique description, at your
    own pace.

    If you follow the order of the chapters proposed in the structure of this course, each step appears as
    a logical prolongation of the previous step, thus facilitating comprehension and memorizing. But you
    can also focus on specific chapters in the order of your choosing.

    At the end, you will have access to a checklist that will provide support during your own practice.
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    Presented by

    Yves Pierrot

    Cognitive psychologist, technical communicator,
    and usability researcher
    Yves Pierrot started his career over 25 years ago as cognitive engineering consultant. He is now a
    technical communicator and translation coordinator.

    Since his masters in Cognitive Psychology he's worked in software application teams in a wide variety of sectors including: content management, microelectronics, medical devices, electrical devices, and banking.

    Yves always finds a way to meet directly with his audience for interviews or other types of research, where he can use his skills for the benefit of his clients and employers, and continue learning about the cognition of human activity.

    What People Are Saying...


    "I really recommend this course to everyone interested in applying usability principles to their technical communication."

    D. Fox, Techcomm student

    An Expert in the Field

    "Drawing on his considerable experience in both usability and technical communication, Yves teaches you detailed, clearly explained processes and techniques to take your documentation to the next level of maturity. You can expect this course to be a real game changer."

    Mathijs Panhuijsen,
    Technical Writer Team Lead and Senior Technical Writer, RWS

    Brilliant Course

    "Yves is an expert in the field of human cognition and his presentation of usability techniques can make all of the difference for your technical communication. Five stars!"

    Ken Draper, Technical Communicator