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Who we are

Firehead is the go-to place for training in technical communication. We are the only European training and recruitment agency working exclusively in technical communication and focusing on the skills needed in the new age of AI.

Learn from the best

Our instructors are time-proven recognised experts in their field of expertise. They've got the experience and knowledge to show you how, not just why, their topic will help advance your career.

Why choose us

At Firehead, our entire philosophy is built on helping you advance your career through strategic skills and knowledge.

AI is changing the workplace for communicators at ever-accelerating speed. We help you learn today what you will need for tomorrow's workplace.

Our mission

We are growing steadily to offer the best training and expertise for technical communicators to work in the new era of AI.
We are not just a technical communication agency. We are a solutions provider. We work hard to find the best fit for the professionals in our community to learn and grow. We unlock business potential by training communicators in the latest skills needed to advance their careers.

Most of all, we’re proud that the majority of our work comes from word-of-mouth and repeat business. At Firehead, it’s our professional expertise and personal touch that make all the difference.

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