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Structured Prompt Operations for Technical Communicators and Content Developers

Discover the art of blending AI with technical communication in this comprehensive course. Learn to structure AI-generated prompts effectively, enhance team workflows, and develop a versatile Prompt Operations Plan. Join us to unlock the potential of AI in your writing process, whether individually or as part of a team.
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    Six hours

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    About this course

    Who is this course for?

    This course is an essential resource for content creators poised to integrate AI into their personal workflow and team processes.

    Designed to bridge the gap between individual creativity and organizational efficiency, it is ideal for those looking to harness the power of AI for enhanced communication strategies.

    Whether you are a seasoned technical communicator seeking to bring AI-driven innovation to your team, or a content developer eager to explore AI's potential in your personal projects, this course offers the tools and insights necessary for success.

    Participants will not only learn to adeptly navigate AI in content development but also leave with a comprehensive Prompt Operations Plan, adaptable for both individual and team use. 

    What will you learn?

    This comprehensive course curriculum is designed for immediate impact with long-term results, enveloping three core pillars:

    Anatomy of a Prompt
    : Understand the essence, the core components, and the subtleties of prompts to deliver content that hits the mark every time.

    Structured Approaches to Prompt Operations:
    Master a plethora of structured methods including prompt libraries, templating, and more, to efficiently upscale your creation process.

    Use Cases to Application: Learn through real-world scenarios with a focus on generating longer documentation, structuring chatbots, and pairing prompts effectively for diverse tech communication needs.

    You will also delve into prompt operations planning, defining scopes and objectives, creating a prompt library, and the crucial cycle of monitoring and iterating for perpetual growth in your craft.

    How will you learn?

    Your learning journey will be immersive and interactive, featuring:

    Hands-On Exercises: Apply your learning through practical exercises designed to simulate real-world scenarios.

    Expert Insights: Learn from and experienced professionals and educator with deep knowledge of AI in technical communication.

    Specific Prompt Examples: See real prompts and scenarios that go beyond just asking ChatGPT questions.

    Learn to incorporate these principles into your specific team or organizational context.
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    Presented by

    Lance Cummings

    Associate Professor of Content and Information Development and AI Operations Consultant
    Lance Cummings is an associate professor of English in the Professional Writing program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Dr. Cummings explores content and information development in technologically and culturally diverse contexts both in his research and teaching.
    His most recent work looks at how to leverage structured content with rhetorical strategies to improve the performance of generative AI technologies and shares his explorations in his newsletter, Cyborgs Writing.

    Course outline

    What People Are Saying...

    "Great Starting Point"

    Finally, a solid starting point for professional writers looking to learn to create structured prompts that unlock the business value of generative AI. This course is a must for content creators who need to understand the foundational principles involved in putting generative AI to work.

    Scott Abel, Content Wrangler


    Lance is a gifted technical writer and educator, offers cutting-edge insights and tutorials on a structured approach to prompt engineering. Lance’s approach is consistently human centered as he encourages users to develop multiple pathways to particular goals and to conceptualize writing as a continuous process of revision.

    Nick Potkalitsky, Educating AI


    I had a chance to participate in a workshop on ChatGPT for content developers during the soap! 2023 conference. It was packed with theoretical knowledge and hands-on exercises. You can clearly see that Lance is excited about using AI in content development and finding the best prompts. 

    Michal Skowron, Documentation Tools Developer