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Specifications for Technical Communicators

"Why have I been handed this spec?"

This three-hour course will look at the nature of specifications from a technical communicator’s point of view: their purpose, the kinds of specifications a technical communicator is likely to encounter or be asked to write, and their interaction with technical documents.
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    3 hours

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    About this course

    Who this course is for

    Beginning to mid-level technical communicators and other content developers who use specifications as source material, or need to write specifications for products or internal processes.

    What you'll learn

    Key takeaways – when you successfully complete this course, you will:

    • Acquire a clear idea of what specifications do and don’t do
    • Understand their relationship to customer-facing technical publications
    • Learn about the different types of specifications and how to write them
    • Learn about specifying technical content – doc specs, style guides, SOP’s, etc.
    • Understand specifications in an agile environment

    How you'll learn

    This is an asynchronous, self-guided course. The material is presented via short videos, which you can watch at your leisure.

    Additional resource materials are provided, and there are activities that lead to a certificate of completion once done correctly.
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    Presented by

    Ray Gallon

    Technical communicator and XX
    Ray Gallon is president and cofounder of the Transformation Society, which develops strategies for humanist digital transformation and organizational learning, and researches the theory and practice of smart pedagogies. He has over 50 years’ experience as a communicator, most recently in the technical content industries, including major companies such as IBM, Alcatel, and General Electric Health Care. He is a speaker on communications topics at conferences around the world.

    Ray is a fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), and has served as an STC international board member, past president of STC France, and president of The Information 4.0 consortium. He is a frequent speaker and keynoter on communications topics at conferences and seminars around the world. He has contributed to numerous books, journals, and magazines, and is the editor of The Language of Technical Communication (XML Press).

    Earlier in his career, Ray was an award-winning radio producer and journalist.

    What People Are Saying...


    "It was valuable to see how specifications matter for technical communicators: how to work with them, how to write them, how to use them."

    Very Helpful

    "Ray added a lot of insight into working with the product team to define specs so everyone can benefit from them."

    Brilliant Course

    "I wish I'd taken this course when I was starting my technical communication career."