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Presenting in English with Equal Impact

Bridging the non-native English speaker's
confidence gap
  • Duration

    6 hours
    + 3 45-minute Zoom contact meetings

  • Format

    Video + Zoom

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    About this course

    Who is this course for?

    This course and exclusive materials provided were designed with digital communication professionals in mind.

    However, it will help any professional with an intermediate level of English (or higher) to present themselves and their work with greater language confidence.

    What will you learn?

    1. How language corpora studies and real English data reveal that your English knowledge is wider ranging than you think.
    2. How to use tools and adopt habits that target and fill any gaps in your English knowledge base for objective confidence.
    3. Why you don't need to worry about grammar when you speak if you're ready to get to know 100 words better and stay curious.
    4. How working with three characteristics of spoken English will improve understanding and help you speak English clearly, regardless of your 1st language accent.
    5. Actionable advice to help you bring enjoyment and purpose back into your English improvement practice. Unique and creative learning approaches that build practical language driven by your life, work and interests in a few minutes a day.
    6. How a focus on your message will help you beat imposter syndrome and language anxiety when you speak.
    7. How to use three reusable visual language templates, designed to give you the precise messages and language your audience need to hear.
    8. How to implement language coaching approaches and tools to help you continuously see yourself as a legitimate English speaker and communicator.
    9. Presentation techniques that build trust and connection with your audience in any language.
    10. Preparation habits to give you extra calm and clarity before, during and after you've spoken.

    How will you learn?

    Each of the video-based learning modules help you to complete a learning aim and get the most from the learning resources provided in each section.

    All the materials, documents and guidance you need to learn, take action, and reflect are provided in the self-contained sections. Each section builds on the last.

    At every stage of the asynchronous course you can ask questions, submit language work and your coaching exercises for instructor review to get the most from a 1-1 live coaching session at the end of the course.
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    Presented by

    Chris Morgan

    Presentation trainer for international audiences
    Chris is an English language coach and presentation trainer with 15 years experience. He has worked for language schools and private clients in Osaka, Cambridge (UK) and in recent years, for the UN Centre for Languages and Multilingualism in Geneva.

    He now works as a specialist independent language coach, course creator and illustrator, offering online coaching and training to digital communicators looking to improve their ease and fluency as they work, speak, and think in second-language English.

    Among other things he loves spending time being a Dad, hanging out with his dog, and trying (and mostly failing) to find time for a nap most days, and in really rare moments, playing the ukulele badly.

    Course outline

    Course contents

    What People Are Saying...


    'Something really changed after my sessions with Chris: I now care more about what I say than about how I say it - and this is priceless!'

    Aline - Executive Board Member

    "Very Helpful"

    'A more open mind, a sharper level of analysis and a more alert mental ability in English, have been just some of the skills that I developed. Thank you Chris'

    Belén - United Nations documentation trainer

    "Brilliant Course"

    'Chris helped me improve my English and overcome my fears and blocks.'

    Leslie, Executive Assistant - World Health Organisation