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Make Search Better:
An Introduction to Keywording

An asynchronous course designed to provide the context and skills needed to successfully keyword digital media to improve the user search experience.
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    3 hours

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    About the course

    Who it's for

    This course is aimed at anyone creating, managing or publishing digital media either internally or online.

    The material is not sector-specific and applies to commercial, academic, non-profit and specialists alike.

    This course is primarily aimed at those working with visual media (photos, videos and illustrations) and typically lends itself to those in marketing, communications, and content management.

    What you'll learn

    You will acquire a broad high level understanding of what keywording is, why it is important and how it is used.

    You will also learn about the key principles of keywording and how to apply them.

    Beyond this, you will discover how to keyword creative imagery using conceptual terms that can often leave you lost for words!

    How you'll learn

    This course starts with an introduction to keywording and works through a series of related themes and topics to expand and consolidate your learning. Your learning is underpinned through theoretical and contextual background.

    You will then start to piece together the key elements of this as it applies to client case studies and learnings from real-life keywording consultancy briefs.

    The course is delivered in the form of video presentation, including online examples from web and social media platforms implementing keywording.

    The format is designed to illustrate the keywording process in an engaging and informative way.

    A PDF checklist will be provided upon completion of the course.
    There are also keywording exercises available for you to complete yourself.
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    Presented by

    Clemency Wright

    Keywording consultant
    Clemency Wright is a keywording consultant helping creative businesses optimise access to digital content using strategic keywording methodologies.

    Clemency trained as a keyworder at Getty Images in 2001, before becoming a search vocabulary editor responsible for creating and editing Getty’s vocabulary of keywords powering the customer website.

    At London’s V&A Museum, Clemency researched and licensed images for the design and advertising sector, and advised on keywording methodology for the V&A online image library.

    Clemency blends keywording expertise for both commercial and non-profit organisations. Clients include global charities, publishing houses, commercial and e-commerce organisations.

    She provides keywording as an outsourced service, as well as training workshops. Specialisms include creating bespoke controlled vocabularies and metadata schemas for content collections.

    And besides, Clemency is awesome.

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