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Content Strategy Overview

This course enables you to understand what a content strategy is, how it can help your organization, the work involved in creating and executing a content strategy, and how to sustain it over time. Learn best practices for crafting useful, usable, effective content for your organization’s top-priority audiences.

Covering all the essentials of content strategy, this course will show you how to help your organization plan, create, manage, publish, and promote content in a way that increases its effectiveness.
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    6 hours

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    About the course

    Who it's for

    This course is appropriate for business professionals who want an introduction to content strategy, new content strategists who want to increase their knowledge and proficiency, and experienced content strategists who want to delve more deeply into the organizational and people aspects of content strategy.

    What you'll learn

    • The core components of content strategy: substance, workflow, structure, and governance.
    • How content achieves organizational goals and meets audience needs.
    • How to assess the content your organization creates today, understand its audiences and goals, learn whether the content is achieving its goals, and use this information to make data-informed decisions about similar content going forward.
    • What a plan and workflow for creating, reviewing, publishing, managing, governing, and promoting your organization’s content looks like.
    • How to develop measurable goals for content.
    • How to align content with the organization’s various publishing channels, based on the content’s goals and audiences.
    • How to develop an effective operations plan for making your content strategy into a sustainable reality.

    How you'll learn

    This is an asynchronous, self-guided course.
    The course materials include pre-recorded video presentations, exercises, and quizzes.
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    Delivered by

    Hilary Marsh

    Content strategist
    Hilary Marsh has been a leading content strategy practitioner, mentor, speaker, and professor since 1999. Hilary is a co-author of “Content Strategies for a Changing World,” a major report about content strategy adoption and maturity (ASAE, 2019) and the first-ever chapter on content strategy in the Professional Practices in Association Management textbook (ASAE, 2021). She also leads the 1,000+-member content strategy community at https://content-strategy.com.

    Hilary’s consultancy, Content Company, helps content-rich organizations achieve better results by improving their content practices. Clients include top-tier professional associations, nonprofit organizations, and corporate intranets including Allstate, American Bar Association, American Medical Association, Endocrine Society, Institute of Food Technologists, Intuit, and Walgreens.

    What People Are Saying...


    I really recommend this course to everyone interested in content strategy and willing to work on their skills.

    Helen White

    "Very Helpful"

    I have completed this course and now I know the fundamentals of content strategy which will help me enormously in my job. 

    Sydney Wilson

    "Brilliant Course"

    Easy to follow, nice exercises. It is actually good to cover the basics of content strategy, even if you are not an absolute beginner, and especially if you are self taught.

    James Stockton