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Introduction to Content Design

In this course, we will discuss how content design sits on the intersection of strategy, UX, and product design. It includes real-life examples to help you understand how content design plays such an important role in the product’s success.
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    10 hours

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    About this course

    Who is this course for?

    Whether you're new to working in product development, UX or design, or just looking to hone your skills, this course has something for everyone.

    What will you learn?

    Why content design is important in digital product teams, and how it helps the organization.

    The key skills of content design and how content designers approach digital work.

    How content design fits with content strategy, UX writing, content marketing, and other content practices.

    The steps or phases in content design, including user centered design, discovery, user stories and job stories, content and design systems, content's role in product metrics, content life cycle and working with other teams, departments, and functions.

    How to navigate a career path and prepare a content design portfolio.

    How will you learn?

    You will gain access to our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase your connections, and get help with your studies.
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    Presented by

    Vinish Garg

    Content Designer
    A consultant with experience working with international product teams for more than twelve years. Vinish works at the intersection of content design and strategy, UX and product design, and product management.

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    What People Are Saying...


    "I really recommend this course to anyone who works in content and wants to improve their work using content design. "

    Very Helpful

    "Vinish made learning about content design and applying it to your job actually seem fun. It was easy to follow his methodical approach."

    Brilliant Course

    "Easy to follow, nice exercises. It was good to cover the principles of content design and its relationship with other fields of work. And Vinish's enthusiasm is contagious!"